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Slide 80 24Vdc Chiaroscuro Automation Kit for Sliding Shutters Max 160Kg

Brands: Chiaroscuro
Code: SL80 24Vdc
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Slide 80 24Vdc Chiaroscuro Automation Kit for Sliding Shutters Max 160Kg
Power supply 24 Vdc - Max total weight 160 kg - Force 80 N

This kit includes:
  • Motor with plate for rails with internal defile max 15mm - Pieces: 1;
  • Belt T5H10 - Meters: 10;
  • Dragging straight bracket - Pieces: 2;
  • Tensioner with free return pinion - Pieces: 1;
  • Users Manual.

Economical compact and versatile
Ideal solution for comfort and convenience of life at home.

Slide 80 Chiaroscuro automation for sliding shutters

Chiaroscuro automation for shutters

Comfortable: No cold, rain and wind in the winter or temperature and mosquitoes in the summer, just by pressing a button inside the house, without opening the windows, you can close all the shutters.

Ultra Slim: recommended for installations with reduced space.

Secure: thanks to the irreversible motor.

Pratical: designed to fit perfectly in systems with cover and aluminum rail.

Control unit: of the automatic movement fully integrated with all home automation systems; respects the safety requirements in the event of impact and allows movement scenarios with partially closed or intermediate stops with a simple click.

Optional: you can purchase separately on Windowo the Power Unit to feed this actuator with current at 230Vac.

Slide 80 Chiaroscuro specifications
 Model  Slide 80
 Power supply  24 Vdc
 Total max weight  160 Kg
 Max Dimension  300 cm
 Velocity  10 cm/s
 Absorbed power  40 W
 Averange absorbtion  0,8 A
 Force  80 N
 Duty cycle  10 cycles/hours
 Noise level  50 db
 Degree of protection  IP 56
 Irreversible  Yes
 Electric lock  Yes
 Dimensions  150 x 50 x 38 mm
 Lenght of power cable  1,5 m
 Maximum stroke  7,5 m
 Maximum thrust and traction force  145 N

Slide 80 Chiaroscuro

Sizes Verify
Verify that the engine housing groove or the space over the rail are enough install the product, otherwise the installation could abridge the run of shutter.

Slide 80 Chiaroscuro motor for sliding shutters

We recommend you to reading the "Instruction Manual Slide 80" PDF.

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