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Latch with flow Omec Exclusion flow electric lock in range

Brands: Omec
Code: 377
€ 39,31 € 49,14
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Latch with flow - with the delivery device for exclusion - Omec Art.377
Art. IS F TO B M C   Mandate
377 60 16 133 47 19.5 84   1

Latch with flow Omec Features


  • Case and cover galvanized steel and plastic.
  • Front steel nickel and chrome.
  • Nickel plated brass latch.
  • Piston charging nickel-plated steel.
  • Wit brass handle 8mm hole.
  • Group reels cod.033 * (12V-15W ac) EC.

  • Outlet controlled by the key.
  • Latchbolt operated by key, by the handle, by electric remote control or by mechanical button cod.058 *.
  • The operation is guaranteed even in the absence of current.

HOLD OPEN: With the mechanical button cod.059 * are permitted to lock electric lock in the "open".

HAND: Reversible.

PARTS EQUIPMENT: Screw cylinder, installation instructions.

* The asterisked componentistiche can be purchased on Windowo in the category "Electrical Locks".

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