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52002 Single Zone Fire Alarm Panel for Single Zone Compliance EN54 Opera

Brands: Opera
Code: 52002
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52002 Single Zone Fire Alarm Panel for Single Zone Compliance EN54 Opera

Single Zone fire alarm panel for Single Zone with compliance EN54

IMPORTANT Complete compliance EN45
To have the complete compliance EN54 you need the complete kit composed by:
52002 Single Zone fire alarm panel (1 unit)
05110R Call point for alarm activation with pressure, with manual reset (2 units)
05115 Release/reset push button (1 unit)
05207 Electronic sounder (1 unit)
Alternative 05203 Dual heat and smoke detector (2 units)
Alternative 05204 Heat rate of rise etector (for example for kitchens) (2 units)
00112 Battery for Single Zone fire alarm panel (2 units)

Do you want to be sure to have the compliance EN54?
You can find the complete kit ready for purchase on Windowo.

Centrale di Allarme Antincendio per Centrale Monozona EN54 Opera 52002

52002 Single Zone fire alarm panel​

Technical info
Box in beige ABS
Dimensions (mm): 240 x 150 x 48

Operating voltage
1Primary, 230 Vac 50-60Hz mains
2Auxiliary provided by 2 12Vdc 1.1/1.3 Ah batteries (item 00112 compulsory and available separately on Windowo))
Operational zones: single

Main panel with LED to indicate operational status of the panel with the following displays:
- fire alarm
- mains power/power failure
- auxiliary power/power failure (battery)
- panel general fault
- detector(s) line fault
- remote alarm activation call point(s) line fault
- manual out of order status of the panel
- sounder line fault
- electromagnets power status
- system fault

Manual out of order push button of the sounder line and the call point and detector lines;
Alarm conditions, fault or out of order reset push button
Key switch for access to the panel’s Level 2 functions

Inputs (on terminal block):
Heat and smoke detector(s) line (up to 5 units, compulsory, sold separately and EN54-5 (heat) / EN54-7 (smoke) certified, Art. 05203 or 05204)
Remote alarm activation call point(s) line (up to 5 units, min. 2 compulsory, sold separately and EN54-11 certified Art. 05110R)
Remote manual electromagnetic release button(s) line
External alarm buzzer silencing/reactivation push button following alarm condition (Art. 05115)

Outputs (on terminal block):
Electromagnets line (up to 4 - 24 Vdc - Max. 300 mA totals)
Output for connection of up to 2 external sounders (additional electronic sounder compulsory, sold separately and EN54-3 certified, Art. 05207) operating in parallel to the internal sounder of the panel.
1 relay output on COM./N.O./N.C contacts (2 A) for external indication of out of order/fault status of the panel

Other features
Signalling of the presence/absence of mains power
Signalling of the presence/absence of auxiliary power (battery)
Battery status monitoring
Silencing of panel alarm signalling
Reactivation of alarm signalling after a new alarm signal from any of the detection devices
Possibility of placing the panel out of service manually for system maintenance
Identification and signalling (visual and acoustic) of the presence of detector and remote fire alarm activation call point lines
Possibility of delayed power cut to the electromagnets

Opera operating access
Opera is an independent company. The production premises are based in Modena - Italy, town with an old tradition in lock manufacturing. The company was set up in 1997 and it is specialised in the manufacturing of electronic locks and doors accessories. From a company that manufactured products, Opera has evolved into a company that offers solutions aimed at improving the security and safety of individuals and their belongings. Today with more than 20 people and advanced production means, Opera is at the top of the European ranking of locks manufacturers.

opera operating access

Made in Italy
We believe in the quality of Italian companies and of our suppliers who are 90% from within Italy. Our high quality products are produced respecting environment and all relevant European standards. We are proud to work and to live in Modena, little city in the North of Italy that is an UNESCO heritage italian site since 1997.

made in italy

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